Above The Line Advertising

Our “Above The Line” (ATL) services refer to the promotional activities done at the macro level. ATL is done at worldwide, regional or global level. We cover the mass audience by this type of promotion.


Below The Line Advertising

We do “Below The Line (BTL) communication at the micro level and form part of non-media communication. Our measures include Direct Mailing, Distributing Flyers, Brochures, and usage of Sponsorship, Public Relations, Telemarketing and Point Of Sale.


Through The Line Advertising

Our “Through the line” or TTL refer to an advertising strategy involving both above and below the line communications. Our strategic approach can allow brands to engage with a customer at multiple points (for example, the customer will see the television commercial, hear the radio advert and be handed a flyer on the street corner).



Digitale strategy

Digitale strategy

Digitale strategy

Digitale strategy

Digitale strategy

Digitale strategy

Digitale strategy

Digitale strategy

Digitale strategy



Sameera Aziz is owned and managed by Famous Saudi celebrity and media personality Mrs. Sameera Aziz.

Because an experienced media savvy Caleb cum Business Woman -with an additional command on the most powerful medium ‘Entertainment’ including Bollywood Films & Sports- can effectively help companies to grow and to retain more customers amid market challenges.

Sameera Aziz Ad Agency is a Saudi company with In-house Event and Production (SAENT) Establishments, offering specific services of 3D computer-generated imagery (CGI) animations, along with a full time proficient and dedicated team from around the globe with professional studio setup in Headquarters at Jeddah, KSA. We Communicate, Collaborate and Create under one roof with experts- led by Sameera Aziz, one of the most acclaimed Saudi media person, who is well known not only in Saudi Arabia, but also worldwide among intellectuals. She is a highly educated Saudi woman and recognized for her intellect, professional competence and integrity. Maintaining her experts’ team; she makes sure to offer professional services and effective marketing strategies.

Sameera Aziz Ad Agency handles all aspects of the advertising process, including planning, design, production, and placement. We also handle other aspects of marketing communication, such as public relations, sales promotion, the Internet and direct marketing. We are eligible to create new promotional ideas; designs print, radio, television, and Internet advertisements, books advertisement space and time, plans and conducts advertising campaigns, commissions research and surveys, and provides other such services that help a client in entering and succeeding in a preferred and chosen market. We professionally act as principals for the services we buy on behalf of our clients.


We are a full-service advertising agency, and we believe to scratch beneath the “skin” of a brand to understand its DNA before creating and capturing.


Using the business field to inspire lives, we make things possible brilliantly just because we recognize our responsibility to the world. Positive Media can make us better people and can change the world. So be with us as part of our ability and strength with surety of having a firm shake hand as our business associates.



Chairperson Message

“Business is the prominent activity. For me, questions in business ethics are significant & relevant to everyone. This is because almost all of us do business, i.e., engaging in a commercial transaction almost every other day. Many of us spend a major portion of our lives engaging in productive activities on our own or as part of other organizations. Business activities shape the world we live in, sometimes for good and sometimes for worse. I am basically a Mass-Media person with a positive goal in life. To be engaged in a business is a great way for me to establish friendships, spread love, and promote peace. Business activity can create a more peaceful global society through cultural acceptance, mutual understanding, and positive relationship building. Mass-Media can be used for advocacy both for business and social concerns.” .


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Contact Us : 00 966 12 699 5511